It's Another Vacation!

Stay-cation: Vacation #1 of 2011


Stay-cation is starting soon.  I’m counting off the hours minutes!  I’ve got some EXCITING plans.  I’m getting the “crunchy” brakes on my car fixed.  YAY!!!  Thanks Dad!  You’re never too old for a father-daughter-car-fixing-project.  I’m going to help my kiddo clean out his locker at school.  (I might need gloves for that.) If there’s time, I might even…drum roll please…rip out the living room carpet!  WOOO HOOOO!!!!!! OK, so maybe my plans aren’t that exciting…but they could be if I squint my eyes together really tight, and try not to breath in the carpet-dust-of-many-pets-past. 😉


In a “perfect world” (HA!)  🙂 I’d use this time to get back to my WIP.  We’ll see how that goes as the week progresses.  My brain hasn’t been all that focused lately and shiny objects tend to distract me easily!  More than anything, I just need to take a little time to regroup, smell a rose, watch a Kung Fu Panda movie with the kiddo, drink my weight in coffee, play Frisbee with the dachshund, dust off my bicycle…maybe even ride it, and do stuff that makes me grin.  <HUGE sigh!>  I am definitely looking forward to it!

Yup! That's my Frisbee Dog. My camera has a hard time capturing him in action.



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