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I’m Back From Stay-cation #2

If it seemed as though I fell off the planet last week, it was because I was on Stay-cation #2.  I didn’t make a big deal out of this one.  Lots of changes have been going on at the job that pays my bills, so it was nice to get a little break before diving back in.  I ended up spending most of this past week hiding out at ye old Hoffman Haus.  It was nice having some quiet time.  The kiddo went to vacation bible school with his friend.  I got a TON of writing done this past week.  My dad and I got the last brake pad and rotor changed out on my car.  I took lots of random pictures.  I didn’t get on the Internet very much.  I watched Netflix almost everyday.  I went to the Highland Games out in Livonia and another little festival out in Northville.  I had a restful time.

Ford Field, in Northville MI. This NOT THE "Ford Field" out in Detroit, but I thought this was cute. It's a kid's park across from a Comerica Bank. He! He! It's funny if you live here in Michigan. Hubby kept saying "I thought it would be bigger." LOL


I’ll be posting some of my pictures and what nots from Stay-cation #2 later this week and catching up on my emails and posts that have been sent to me.  I look forward to catching up with you all.   🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m Back From Stay-cation #2”

    1. It is when you don’t have cable. I’m too cheap to get cable, etc. We can get Netflix through the Wii for 7.99 a month. I got hooked on The Gates while I was on vacation. That show had some “fun,” non-sparkling vampires. 🙂 Unfortunately, they only made one season.


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