2012 Kerrytown Bookfest, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kerrytown Bookfest 9-9-12

I went to my first Bookfest last year.  Less than ten minutes after my arrival, and I knew this would be a yearly tradition.  🙂  Kerrytown is a fun place to visit anyways.  It’s in its own historic district of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Lots of artists share their wares, ideas, etc in Kerrytown.  Twice a week they host a HUGE farmer’s market.  There are clothing stores there where EVERYTHING is handmade, wearable art.  Most of the food from the local restaurants are made with organic ingredients.  Creativity practically flows from the city.  But when you get thousands of writers and readers together in that kind of creative environment, you know it’s going to be a fun time!

Kerrytown, 9-9-12

I had been looking forward to Bookfest for months.  I wrote it on the calendar.  I made sure I took the day off work.  I planned what I wanted to wear.  Yup!  It made that much of an impression on me.

Lynotype demonstration. I love watching old print presses in action. My grandfather owned a print shop out in Detroit, but he died when I was young.

I didn’t get a pic of me all dressed up.  I suppose that’s what happens when you’re always the photographer.  He! He!  I did finally get a chance to wear the fabulous pin Dianne Faw sent me.  I wore it on my jacket.  So cute!  Pics don’t do it justice.  It looks like it was created out of porcelain, but it was actually crafted out of plastic spoons!  Dianne is so creative!!!  You can check out the link to her post…HERE.  I had a woman ask me about the pin and that made me pleased for Dianne and her incredible crafting abilities.

Rose pin made from plastic spoons, gifted to me by crafting artist Dianne Faw. Thank you Dianne!!!

Long stories short, I learned a bunch and left the Bookfest feeling energized.  One of the writers quoted this line:

“Art is not a sack race.”  

~Charles Baxter

I have this image in my head of all my favorite authors, jumping up and down, heading for this mysterious finish line and it’s ridiculously funny!  Bottom line is this, at the end of the day, writers write for themselves.  Every published writer has a story to tell of their journey.  It takes time, and effort, and an understanding support system to go from blank pages to a published book.  Everyone’s journey is a little different.  I think that’s why I enjoyed meeting so many authors at Bookfest.

Ruth McNally Barshaw explaining her “butt in chair” method of writing. She was awesome! A genuinely nice person and so funny!!!
Seated at the table from left to right: Sarah Zettel, Jennifer Alison, Amy Huntly, and Deborah Diesen

 I’m not as ambitious as some, but I have dreams and goals.  If I were in a writer’s sack race, I’d feel like a failure!  But it’s NOT a race.  I’m excited about the progress I’ve been making.  When I look back and see how much I’ve learned on my journey, I can’t help but be pleased.  Even my mistakes have been a good thing.  I’ve learned more from them than just about anything.  Life is good!!!

Have a great day!!!


10 thoughts on “Kerrytown Bookfest 9-9-12”

  1. Seriously? @ the pin. I mean, seriously… That is all kinds of ridiculously awesome.

    Love the printing press photo – I’ve never seen on in action, sadly enough.

    @ Yay for butt in chair. All you need to know. 😉

    If it is a race, then it’s a lifetime marathon kind of thing. And you’re on your own, ‘cos everyone else is running down a different path. I never recommend looking at the ground you haven’t covered because once you cover it, it goes in the past, back with the rest of the “no big deals”. Only known as “no big deals” because you’ve gone and done it already. People and their minds… 😛


  2. Okay, I have to make one of those pins. I went to the site of the person who sent it to you, and then to the link where she saw how to make them. The company I work for deals in roses, so….

    I’m so glad it’s not a race. 🙂


  3. Hey, Juli – delighted to see the pin and glad you are enjoying it. Lauralynn – you should make a pin! It was kind of challenging and not perfect in the end, but isn’t that life?


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