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Save Money! Go to the LIBRARY!!!

My local library recently updated their computer system. Now the receipts show exactly how much money you saved, kind of like the grocery receipts.


On my last visit, I saved $129.19 by using the library.

Isn’t that hilarious! I honestly don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of their local libraries. Most libraries have a movie section and you can borrow audio or digital books for your Kindle and other devices. My library even has “crafts” you can borrow, like those cartridges you use for the Cricut cutting machine.

If you haven’t been to the library in a few years, you might be surprised at how much they’ve adapted with the times. It’s certainly worth checking out.

xo Juli

7 thoughts on “Save Money! Go to the LIBRARY!!!”

  1. I don’t live or work very close to the library. And I always ended up paying late fines when I used to go. It was just too much trouble to go there. I just buy ebooks to support authors, and I have an Audible subscription. Yes, I’m spending more money, but they need to move the library closer to me! LOL

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    1. You could also borrow e-books from the library. You never have to step foot in the library because it’s all done electronically. Best part, the books return themselves digitally. No late fees! My library also uses Hoopla. I can download up to three audiobooks a month through them (thanks to my library) for free. It’s not that I don’t buy books, but I go through so many books in a week. It would cost a fortune to support my “habit” if it wasn’t for my library.


      1. When I retire in a few years and will be going through SO many more books, I might have to do that! LOL Right now, between the full time job and editing, I read books when I snatch little moments of time. Like brushing my teeth, walking, etc. I still manage to get in about a book a week.

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