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Think Small: Save the World

This has been a bad year for those of us who fight with depression. Pop onto ANY social media site, and you’ll be bombarded with EVERYTHING wrong with the world. There are billions of people who are hurting, starving, and in desperate need of help.

Every. Single. Day.

For example:

Approximately 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life.

Worldwide, approximately 780 million people do not have access to clean water.

It is estimated that 1.2 billion women (globally) do not have access to feminine hygiene products due to poverty . Yes, in MANY parts of the world, including the United States and Britain, pads and tampons are classed as “nonessential luxury items.” Really? In the 21st century? Half of the humans on planet Earth are female and we’re still pretending that women don’t have menstrual cycles—periods—that it’s not a natural part of life?

Honestly, it can be overwhelming! One person can’t “fix” the world. One person is a drop in the ocean! However, one person can help another person. One person can be kind to those around them. One person can do good in their immediate circle of influence.

Over the past few years, I’ve made giving a regular part of my monthly budget. I can’t give much, but can give something. I’ve simplified things by setting up automatic payments to the charities I trust. I also started giving to Kiva, a charity that loans money to those in need so people can help themselves.


I’ve been giving to Kiva since 2016. You make a loan, the person pays you back, and you take that money and loan it to someone else! Again, I can’t save the world, but I’d like to think I’ve made a difference in the lives of those I’ve helped.

If each of us tried to be kind to just ONE person, think of what could be accomplished! We all have our own strengths. Perhaps we aren’t financially capable of giving much, but maybe we could still do SOMETHING. Perhaps something as simple as shoveling an elderly neighbor’s driveway.

ANYTHING is better than sitting at your computer/smartphone, whining about everything wrong with the world. Perhaps we could ALL make a point of doing SOMETHING—to become part of the solution—in the new year.

xo Juli

8 thoughts on “Think Small: Save the World”

  1. My son did his Masters thesis on mirco-finance and he is a believer in it although he does not work in that field now. I think we are bombarded with distressing information and most of it concerns things we are powerless to do anything about. I feel this is what makes us anxious and for some leads to depression. I have to take news holidays sometimes. I also think that if you have an organization that you can give help through it is such a good idea. I do and it helps me to think that I am helping others who need it through people who are there , on the ground, with people who need the assistance.

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  2. I’ve found the news to be a huge emotional drain, and social media only added to it. I was alternating between anger and depression for half of the year until I finally took myself off of the news, and I had to hide the negative posts on places like Facebook so I wasn’t bombarded with them all the time. It made a huge difference. Just in one week, I felt way better and more optimistic than I’d been in a long time.

    That all said, you are spot on about the value of giving. I have just recently added that to my monthly budget. It has been frustrating to look out and see how many people are hurting around the world. It’s terrible what so many are going through, and we take so many things for granted. You’re right, though. The key is to focus on helping one person. It’s better to look at what you can do instead of what you can’t.


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  3. I’ve always said if everyone would do one kind thing…let’s start there. One person can’t become the champion of the world…but if we all practiced a bit of kindness each day, the world would be a better place. Smile at someone. Let the woman ahead of you in line how nice she looks. Hold a door open for someone. Pay for someone’s coffee. A lot of kindness can be spread without spending money, so there are no excuses. Start there with a base of kindness that can serve as your foundation. Build on it.


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