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“I would_____, but I can’t because_____.”

I make excuses for myself ALL of the time. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I procrastinate. I find other ways to spend my time, doing tasks that in NO WAY reflect my goals.

Last night I stumbled upon this vlog post by Dana Ellington, MAPW. She talks about limiting beliefs and the lies we tell ourselves.

Now, I can and HAVE taken measures to increase my skills, especially in my writing. I’ve read and learned about outlining and story craft. I’ve learned about story beats. I’ve used Khan Academy to brush up on my grammar. I’ve become familiar with editing software and cover creators…

But NONE of this matters, not if I won’t sit my butt down and WRITE!

Dana uses this great phrase to help you get unstuck:

I would do_____, if I could, but I can’t because_____.

So, I filled out her statement like this:

I would finish writing my novel, if I could, but I can’t because ????? .

Because…why? How do I answer this statement? I don’t think I have a legitimate excuse.


  • I need to check updates on Facebook?
  • There are too many shows to watch on Netflix?
  • I had to check my email. Again.
  • And Twitter.
  • I had to play a game on my phone?
  • Look! Another YouTube video…and there are kittens!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I’m not trying to put myself down or anything. We ALL do this. When we aren’t reaching our goals, there’s probably a reason. But, it’s REALLY eye opening to phrase my excuses like this, to see them in front of me!

Be sure to check out Dana Ellington, MAPW’s blog for more information and also her website!

Thank you, Dana! You really inspired me!!! I appreciate all that you do.  😀

xo Juli



10 thoughts on ““I would_____, but I can’t because_____.””

    1. That must be tough, switching your brain from “editor mode” to “writer mode.” Maybe working on your own WIP for a few minutes early in the day, then doing something unrelated to writing, then switching into editor mode afterward would help? My brain seems to be able to go from writing to editing, but if I START with editing, that’s all it wants to do: nit-pic. 😀


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