Better Me In 2016, Random Ramblings

Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

Like most people, I have dreams that have gone unfulfilled. I've made plans and broken promises to myself. Excuses happen. Life gets in the way. Daily demands occur that are hardly noteworthy. Feed the dog. Wash the laundry. Do this. Do that. Take out the trash on your way out the door... But then I… Continue reading Wearing David Bowie’s Pants

Better Me In 2016, Life, Random Ramblings

Career Day

"Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life because that field isn't hiring."  ~Author Unknown Last night I realized that ALL my troubles in my work life can be traced back to one question, a string of events really, but always the same question behind them all.  In fact, if… Continue reading Career Day

Better Me In 2016, Random Ramblings

The Dead Tree Books Are Piling Up!

I've got a small mountain of books gathering on my table, not including the four books I gift wrapped at the store. The Barnes & Noble bookstore near my job is closing, and while this is not my favorite bookstore, I'm a glutton for 1/2 priced, previously discounted books.  In fact, I would have bought… Continue reading The Dead Tree Books Are Piling Up!