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Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.

When I was a little girl, I was told "just be yourself," as if this were a magic wand fix for all of life's troubles. You don't have any friends? Just be yourself! You're a weird, awkward kid? Just be yourself! You dress funny and the kids push you to the ground at recess? Just… Continue reading Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.

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Happy Birthday to my Favorite Eviction.

Nine years ago today, I became a mom.  Except it didn’t happen on a Saturday.  It happened on a Monday.  A Monday!  Which seems sort of wrong, on multiple levels, but I suppose somebody HAS to be born on a Monday, so there you go.  Plus, I had a REALLY rough pregnancy, so it was… Continue reading Happy Birthday to my Favorite Eviction.

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Mary Louise (Calley) Martin, 1923-2012

My grandmother passed away earlier this week.  She was 89 years young.  These are the words I said at her funeral:   I have a lot of memories of my grandmother, Mary Martin, but one of my favorite memories happened rather recently.  I’d been researching our family’s genealogy.  I wanted to know where we came… Continue reading Mary Louise (Calley) Martin, 1923-2012