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Happy 200,000 Miles!

My van reached a milestone today! I pulled into a parking lot to capture the moment. 200,000 MILES! That's the same as driving back and forth across the United States 74.6 times! Or... That's the same as driving around the planet Earth (all the way around the world) 8 times!! Or... Like driving 84% of… Continue reading Happy 200,000 Miles!

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Leonard Woolf & Planting Iris


This is beautiful! And in the same vein as Austin Kleon, I’m NOT exactly “stealing”this post, but I’d like to reblog it, with full credit, of course! Thank you so much Author: westrow of ‘Walking with Mrs Dalloway’ for reminding me to find the equivalent in my own life of “planting iris.”  xo Juli


Planting Iris

I liked this post from Austin Kleon so much I’m stealing it. Hopefully like an artist, and not like a scoundrel. Nowadays, my equivalent of planting iris might even be to… plant iris. I love their wonderfully deep colour.

Whilst definitely not a gardener, as I have got older I have found myself paying much more attention to what is around me. Finding myself better able to appreciate what I have, what is there in front of me, rather than always longing to be somewhere else, for something else. And since I am now living on a farm, that means taking an interest in the countryside around me, from the muddy ditch and frost in winter to the hedgerow of wild flowers and beyond. Whether city walking or country walking, both give you the time to pay attention, to notice.

The quote is from Downhill All The Way, Leonard Woolf’s…

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Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.

When I was a little girl, I was told "just be yourself," as if this were a magic wand fix for all of life's troubles. You don't have any friends? Just be yourself! You're a weird, awkward kid? Just be yourself! You dress funny and the kids push you to the ground at recess? Just… Continue reading Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.