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What Makes Someone an Expert?

It seems like there are "experts" everywhere: writing experts, marketing experts, fashion experts, organizational experts... The list goes on to infinity. But what makes an expert an expert? How do we define an expert? Let's go to the dictionary! expert noun ex·​pert| \ ˈek-ˌspərt  \  :one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject —Merriam-Webster… Continue reading What Makes Someone an Expert?

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I’m Sorry.

Juli Hoffman, you think we are dumb! ~A Facebook Friend I have been accused of being argumentative many times throughout my life. I don't necessarily see myself this way, but it's been repeated enough times by enough people that it rings true. I don't know where the seed started, exactly. I suspect it stems from… Continue reading I’m Sorry.

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Temple Grandin: The Movie and The TED Talk

Yesterday, I reviewed Dr. Temple Grandin's latest book: Calling All Minds: How To Think and Create Like an Inventor. (Fabulous book, by the way. It would make a great gift for any kid under 12.) In my book review, I mentioned there was a movie that came out back in 2010 based on Dr. Grandin's book, Emergence. If you’re… Continue reading Temple Grandin: The Movie and The TED Talk