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Family Outing in Ann Arbor, Michigan

We had some family members come in from out of town. Really lovely! I met my 3-year-old niece for the first time. SO much fun! I do wish they lived closer to us, or we lived closer to them. I might need to borrow my niece for a tea party. Trust me, it's NOT quite… Continue reading Family Outing in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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If you live in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, or Washington—Congratulations!!! Today is your state primary election day. Get out there and vote! (I voted this morning.) If you live in the United States and are unsure of the state primary election day for your area, check out THIS LINK for more details. xo Juli

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Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?

Yesterday, I learned there are hibiscus flowers hardy enough to survive the frigid temps of a Michigan winter. Who knew??? They look so tropical. This plant has died back each winter and returned three summers in a row. Isn't it gorgeous? I may need to look into planting one in my own yard. I wonder… Continue reading Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?