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Morning “Mitzvah”

I worked in my friend's garden this morning. (She's a few decades older than me.) The weather was hot and sticky (86ºF) but the conversation was AMAZING! Here are a couple of pics of her front yard: I love talking with friends who are older—or younger—than myself. I think it adds some MUCH needed perspective.… Continue reading Morning “Mitzvah”

Gardening, Random Ramblings

Planting and Planning for the Future

Hollyhocks are biennial, which means I had to plant these beauties in the spring of LAST year so I could enjoy them THIS summer. Last year—all summer long—I cared for my sad, scrubby little plants. They looked more like weeds than anything else. I had no idea what color flowers I'd get, or if they'd… Continue reading Planting and Planning for the Future

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Monday Updates

We've had SOOO much rain! Not that I'm complaining. I like seeing the new plant babies pop up, but I DON'T like to water them. However, LOTS of rain leads to mutant fungus like these gems: They look like pasta is growing out of my wood mulch.  The Internet seems to thinks it's Peziza domiciliana, commonly… Continue reading Monday Updates