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Phone Court?

It's been a stress-filled day.  In fact, I'm so upset, I was close to tears.  I received a letter in the mail.   It seems I have a telephone hearing next week regarding the unemployment benefits I received a year ago.  That's right.  A YEAR ago.  Who knew judges were conference calling eligibility cases?  It seems… Continue reading Phone Court?


Release Me

It’s unofficially official.   I’m being “released” from my job in mid-January. I didn’t do anything wrong. “It’s not personal. It’s business.” Yup! There’s nothing like a tired cliché to make the “we’re letting you go” process seem even more surreal. It makes me think of that movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” Losing my job, after… Continue reading Release Me


The Next Phase?

I’ve received some good news. All of my part-time coworkers will be transferred after our store’s closing. They will have jobs at other locations. It’s a relief to know they will be placed. I’ve worried for them. When you work with the same team for a number of years, your co-workers become your family while… Continue reading The Next Phase?