About the Author

Juli Hoffman lives in a higgledy-piggledy home on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, Michigan with an understanding husband, a quick-witted son, and at least one cat who gives free scans.

Juli has been a guest writer for Goth Times and is the author of The Williamson Vampires series.

You can find Juli on:

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xo Juli

30 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. They told me I need to get scanned by a cat. Unfortunately I misheard and thought they said “scammed” so I bought a cargo container of cat nip. They told me the nip market was about to explode and I would make a mint. Never saw a dime.


    1. Wow! I HATE cat scammers! LOL I have a cat at my feet trying to scam me as I type this. “You forgot to feed me?” (It sounds a lot like “meow,” but I’m fluent in Kitteneese. I understand the subtle nuances in the feline vocabulary.) LMAO

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      1. Your cat actually wants to kill you. Don’t let it have or even see your credit card. Once it gets the ability to order its own food on Amazon, it has no need for you.

        You know that thing where a cat will lay on a laptop keyboard? They’re actually ordering cat stuff on Amazon.

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  2. Nice to meet you Juli! Looking forward to perusing your blog. I love paranormal! If you are writing more chapters, then it’s not done, but when it is, I’m sure it will be fabulous! Happy new year! All the best to you! Koko 🙂

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  3. Julie, I thank you kindly for the follow and am immediately intimidated by the Hubby Quilt Post.. as a Hubby to a quilter the idea of reversing those roles is the stuff of nightmares. I want to follow you but there needs to be a warning of inappropriate quilting posts occurring or I might find myself embroidered into a corner…

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    1. LMAO!!! If it helps, he used to “AutoCAD” his designs…”because he’s a guy. Duh! LOL If you can work power tools, a sewing machine is just another tool. Now, when he carefully picked out the princess fabric, to get ALL of the princess including Wonder Woman, THAT was rather hilarious. My hubby is a BIG guy with a shaved head. On first glance, he looks like someone who’d be more comfortable in a biker bar than at a quilting shop, 😀

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      1. My wife taught embroidery and quilting at Wandsworth prison, a male prison in south London so pretty full of guys you’d probably not want your daughter to bring home. So sounds like Hubby fits the mound ( though of course without the psychopathic leanings)


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