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New Years Eve Post 2011

It's quiet around the Hoffman Haus tonight.  My son and hubby are already asleep.  I think they were both in bed before nine.  We don't really party around here.  😉 I've been thinking about this year ending, as the new one is about to begin, and I feel so blessed.  I don't know how else to… Continue reading New Years Eve Post 2011

Row 80

I Signed up for Round 1 of #Row80

I'll be posting more on this later, but I'm just making my intentions known to the universe that I will be doing Row 80, A Round of Words in 80 days. This is my first time doing Row 80, but some of my other buddies have given me a little push in their direction, so I'm going… Continue reading I Signed up for Round 1 of #Row80

Blogophilia, Writing


Blogophilia 44.4 Topic: "Noisy Loud Neighbor" Bonus Points: (Hard, 2pts): include a character from a nursery rhyme (Easy, 1pt): let a character serve cheesecake and share a bottle of Tullamore Dew Jill pounded the wall that separated her apartment from her new neighbor.  Her feet were sore and her back was aching.  She’d worked another… Continue reading #Blogophilia44.4Post-“NoisyLoudNeighbor”