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Writing Exercise: Descriptions

A few months ago, I got out my own way and joined...a local writers group! YAY!!! So far, it's been fun. It took me years to find the courage to do this, to look people in the eye after they've read my words. But honestly, everyone in the room is going through the same thing,… Continue reading Writing Exercise: Descriptions

Random Ramblings

“I would_____, but I can’t because_____.”

I make excuses for myself ALL of the time. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I procrastinate. I find other ways to spend my time, doing tasks that in NO WAY reflect my goals. Last night I stumbled upon this vlog post by Dana Ellington, MAPW. She talks about limiting beliefs and the lies we tell ourselves. https://youtu.be/CCLTkLEKEag… Continue reading “I would_____, but I can’t because_____.”

Random Ramblings

Curses, Comic Sans Font! (An Increase in Word Count Hack)

Have you seen this post floating around the Internet? This Comic Sans font post has gotten a visceral, knee-jerk reaction with writerly folks, both for and against its use. Change your font to Comic Sans and supposedly you'll "magically" increase your word count. I think most writers are perfectionists at heart, hence the strong reactions… Continue reading Curses, Comic Sans Font! (An Increase in Word Count Hack)