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It’s Pumpkinfest Weekend!

You know you live in a small town when Pumpkinfest is your favorite festival of the entire year. I love small town life!!! Hubby, Kiddo, and I walked to the festival yesterday, painted our ceramic pumpkins, and shopped the local Farmer's Market. This year, we met the kindest woman. She was giving out free samples… Continue reading It’s Pumpkinfest Weekend!

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Happy Autumn Equinox with BONUS House Hunting Tip!

Here's a tip you seldom read about when hunting for a new home: Make sure there is an automotive repair shop within walking distance of your home. Trust me on this. It's important. Are we house hunting? No. But I did spend most of yesterday getting the front brake pads and rotors replaced on my van.… Continue reading Happy Autumn Equinox with BONUS House Hunting Tip!

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Zazzle Anyone?

Have any of you tried setting up a Zazzle shop? I'm thinking of setting up a shop and any advice would be appreciated. I play at painting and photography and thought about creating something on Zazzle for me, but then I thought...if I'm going to go through all the trouble of using their site anyway,… Continue reading Zazzle Anyone?