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Post Christmas Ramble/Happy Boxing Day!

We made it through all the commercial mumbo jumbo!  YAY!!!! 

I had a lovely Christmas day with my family.  I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t think I can say it enough, I have been blessed! 

Kiddo had a good Christmas, though he tried to pretend that he wasn’t disappointed when Santa didn’t get him everything he asked for.  Kiddo’s birthday is next week.  We try to make sure that he gets the REALLY fun stuff on his birthday because that’s HIS day.  😉  It’s hard trying to balance out the two, but the hubby and I do our best to make his birthday extra special.

We spent Christmas day with my side of the family.  My youngest sis had me laughing until I was crying!  For real!  My makeup was running down my face, I was laughing so hard.  I don’t know how she does it.  She can take any random event that happened to her during the course of a typical day, and turn it into an epic saga, complete with voices, faces, and hand gestures.  It’s like having dinner theater, but MUCH more entertaining.  She’s incredible, and talented, and inspiring to be around.  🙂

Hubby got me THE gift of this holiday season, a Kindle Fire.  He kept doing his impression of me with my Kindle for all of my relatives.  “Honey I love it!” followed by lots of snarls and growls while I tried to get all my favorite sites linked up to it.  Did I mention how much I despise “new to me technology?”  Yeah…well, so this technology SHOULDN’T have been that new to me, but I was also running only a few hours sleep yesterday.  I know better that to allow electronics anywhere near me when I’m tired.  By next week, the Kindle and I will be best pals.  In the meantime, I’m only allowing myself near it in small doses for its protection!  Gesh!

Ah well!  Enough with the rambling.  I think I need a nap!

Happy Boxing Day to my “neighbors” across the border.




2 thoughts on “Post Christmas Ramble/Happy Boxing Day!”

  1. so aside form being new technology, how is the kindle fire?

    glad you had a good christmas 🙂 We had a nice time with the inlaws and even went to the park and took some photos of christmas lights, though most did not come out as i needed a tripod that i did not take. oh well.


    1. I’m deciding if I like the Fire or not. This sounds stupid, but it’s heavier and bigger than what I’m used to. I e-read off of an android phone almost everyday. I thought I’d LOVE having a bigger screen. In fact, I’ve heard some of my friends complain that most of the newer tablets, Kindle Fire included, have too small of a screen for their liking. But the fire doesn’t fit in my hand the way my droid does. It’s too bulky to fit inside a “Juli-sized” purse, and I refuse to get a BIGGER purse because that would mean that I’m growing old! Before you know it, I’d also be forced to carry around handi-wipes and butterscotch candies! *shudders*

      I do like the back lit screen, but I have that on my droid too. I keep it on sepia for daytime reading and black screen with white letters when I read at night. I do this on both pieces of tech. I don’t like a white screen with black letters because I HAVE to wear my glasses to offset the glare. Another Juli’s getting old thing. I hate getting old! I don’t normally feel old, but being FORCED to wear my glasses makes me feel old. In my mind, I’m staying 25 forever. ROFL

      I’m on a Juli’s NEVER growing old rant this morning. It makes me talk about myself in the third person! Gesh! One of friends just told me that she’s going to be a grandmother. A grandmother! A GRANDMOTHER! This friend is less than a year older than I am, so I’m still in the “shock and denial” phase. She’s not THAT old! I’m not THAT old! My kiddo is still in elementary school. But apparently, this stupid thing called a “calendar” says that if I’d done the “mom thing” earlier in my life, I could be a grandmother right now, and I’m all like: Whoa! No way! I don’t need the calender spouting off facts and trying to reason with me with its numbers. I can still go down the twisty slide at the park and my bicycle has streamers coming out the ends of the handle bars…to make it go faster, of course! I am still young! Stupid calendar! Grr! 😉

      It sounds like you had a nice time with your inlaws. I have to visit mine soon. We used to see them more when both sets of parents lived in the same town, but now that my dad and step-mom only live blocks away from where I work, I find myself visiting that set of parents more than my hubby’s parents. I miss my inlaws. They’ve always treated me like the daughter they never had. 🙂

      I wanted to take more pics of Christmas lights, but I think the tripod thing might be my problem too. They just don’t come out the way that I want them to. I need to play around with my camera more at night.


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