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I’m up and moving again!

I pulled something in my neck yesterday.  I wasn’t doing anything “dirty.”  I didn’t sleep on in wrong.  I wasn’t moving anything heavy.  These would all be acceptable, though still annoying, reasons to be owie.  Nope!  I had something cooking on the stove top, so I was sitting on a stool at the counter, reading a book, keeping an eye on things until the timer went off.  I wasn’t even reading a hardcover novel!!!  I go to get off of my stool, and my neck was in pain.  I couldn’t turn it to the left.  It feels somewhat better today, but geesh!  How insane is that?!  I might have had enough time to read one page, so I wasn’t even sitting that long.

Needless to say, no outings for Juli yesterday.  Regardless of the weather, owie neck had veto power.

Have a great day!  I’m going to look for my heat pad…



4 thoughts on “I’m up and moving again!”

  1. Odd things like that happen sometimes. Most of the time when I’ve hurt my back, it’s been while I was changing clothes. Necks and backs do some weird things sometimes. Hope you’re feeling better!


    1. I’m feeling better this evening than I was this morning, but it’s still not completely right again. It’s just…weird!

      Yes! I’ve tweak my neck and back while changing clothes too!!! Move a bunch of furniture, no problem. Change into a t-shirt, Ow! Ow! Ow! Weird!


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