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“Jesus don’t want you’re excuses…”

I’m not sure what the heck was going on this weekend, but it definitely had a religious theme.  I’m not talking about spirituality.  That’s different.  No.  This weekend was about people behaving badly, and then dragging their various religions along for the ride.

I had a woman call me a “bitch” on Saturday, in anticipation of NOT getting her own way, a preemptive “bitch” if you will.  She was LOUD about it.  Nasty.  She misread a sign, assumed that I wouldn’t side with her, and then called out “bitch” before I could respond.  Classy, right?  I had planned to side with her from the beginning, so I wasn’t arguing with her.  The sign WAS a little confusing.  However, when people start with the preemptive name calling, it’s hard to be professional.  Anyways, I think I shocked the everything out of her when I told the person ringing up her sale to “go ahead and give her the sale price.”  The woman stared at me like she must have misunderstood.  And then I said, “Next time, just ask.  There’s no need to call me names,” and walked away.  Now there’s a part of me that probably should held her tongue.  I know this.  But seriously?  Honey.  Vinegar.  Flies.  Yada-yada-yada…  There are BETTER ways to “win friends and influence people.”  Calling me a “bitch” is not one of them.

A few minutes later, this same woman hunts me down…and she’s CRYING.  Ugly crying.  She starts telling me about how she just started going to church again, and reading her bible.  She’s TRYING really hard to be a better person and she NEEDS my forgiveness.  Umm…yeah.  Wow!

That’s enough crazy for me on a busy weekend, however on Sunday I had a different woman come in and make a scene because we didn’t carry “cheap” sofas.  Her words, not mine.  I had shown her a nice sofa, one that was under three hundred dollars in price, with a one-year warranty included, but the woman screams, “I don’t want anything like that!  This isn’t for ME.  This is for my pastor!!!  I need the cheapest one you got.  It doesn’t need to be GOOD.  What do you have on clearance?”  Wow!  Doesn’t that just warm your heart?  And she was still dressed in her Sunday-going-to-meeting clothes, too.  Plus the profanity she began to spout off… Priceless!  Her minister would be so “proud.”  Yikes!!!

Can I make a special request?  If you’re going to misbehave in public, please keep your religion out of it.  As one of my coworkers so eloquently put it,

“Jesus don’t want you’re excuses to come up in here and act all crazy!” 

Exactly!  😉

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on ““Jesus don’t want you’re excuses…””

  1. Just wow. I can’t believe people who claim to be religious act like this. I can’t imagine acting like this. Now if you start yelling at me and calling me names, it’s REALLY going to be hard for me to turn the other cheek, although I would try. We all have weaknesses. To be honest, though, if that lady had come to me crying, I would have forgiven her and given her the benefit of the doubt that she was trying to change. I’m a real softie when it comes to forgiving people.

    That lady wanting the cheap sofa…well, that kind of cracked me up. You just have to find the humor in some of this stuff. I don’t consider a sofa under $300 expensive. That was a good price. And why was she even getting a sofa for her preacher? See, I have to ask all the questions. It gets on my husband’s nerves. LOL

    Some people are just crazy, aren’t they? 🙂


    1. I did forgive Crazy #1.

      Crazy #2’s minister was moving, and that’s why she needed the sofa. Yeah… I’m a question asker too! He! He!!! 🙂 I’m not sure who was paying for the sofa. I think it was supposed to be a gift from the congregation.


    1. 🙂 It’s all fodder for the writing. Everyone’s heard the advice, “write what you know.” Well…over the years, I’ve learned a LOT about people. People are NEVER boring.


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