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YouTube Newbie

Quick question: Do you know anything about YouTube channels?


My kiddo is in his teens and wants to create a YouTube channel this summer. He’s an avid gamer and has a fair following, but he’s never had his own channel. (Although he HAS been featured on other gamer channels. He’s a funny guy!) I’ve been trying to educate myself on creating YouTube channels and videos. There have been MANY confusing posts and jargon to wade through. But, like all “new to me” techno-babble, the more I learn, the more I love the journey.

So, yeah…I’ve kind of fallen down the research rabbit hole, so much so…I’m seriously considering creating my OWN YouTube channel, possibly with help from my sister(s).


When I imagine getting together with my sister(s) to cook up some of our family recipes or to create some sort of goofy craft, it makes me happy. I spoke to the middle sister the other night. She thinks it would be HILARIOUS and a great excuse to spend time together. We both watch too many of these cooking and craft videos already. Why not make our own?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m a COMPLETE newbie at this. I’ve NEVER played with video editing software. However, I learn best by doing. Try. Fail. Try again. We could turn my kiddo’s idea into a family project and help each other while we learn. Kiddo knows things that I’m JUST learning, but I have experience putting online stuff together, too.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions below. and if you already HAVE a YouTube channel, be sure to share that link as well so we can all check it out!

xo Juli

4 thoughts on “YouTube Newbie”

  1. Nicole has a few youtube channels, but she doesn’t stick with them, The best way to do it, as you already know is to just go for it! YouTube has tutorials and lots of great info! Nicole does her video’s on her phone and then uploads them. We have not found a really good editing software yet. I think this summer will be our summer to really help her get started. She has fantastic ideas for videos and with my new camera(which does video as well) we can help her vlog as well!!
    Good luck and hope you enjoy your journey!


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