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My New Hobby: Throwing Butter Knives

I’ve started a new hobby: knife throwing. Yes, you read that correctly. There are TONS of videos available on Youtube, but my favorites are on Xolette’s YouTube channel.

(I learned about Xolette’s YouTube channel through Christopher McDougall‘s book, Natural Born Heroes. )

Kiddo and I are newbies, so we’re only throwing unsharpened butter knives.

Knife still has some sticker residue on it, $1.58 each at Walmart.

I have to tell you, knife throwing is SOOO much fun!!! Obviously, you need to be careful. Wear eye protection. Educate yourself. Be safe.

Foam Target, $14.82 at Walmart.

You don’t need to be athletic or good at sports. You do get a light workout. But mostly, it’s just super-satisfying! This is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. It’s something my teen and I can do together. I suppose it could serve a purpose if we’re ever attacked by zombies in a restaurant??? We are using UNSHARPENED butter knives, after all…

We probably spent a good hour knife throwing earlier today and the time flew by!

If you’ve ever been curious and wanted to try knife throwing, I highly recommend starting with a set of heavy butter knives that you don’t care about, and go from there. You don’t need to use sharp knives. In fact, Xollette has videos that demonstrate how to dull throwing knives for safer handling.

Have you tried this? What hobbies are you interested in? Leave your comments below!

xo Juli

13 thoughts on “My New Hobby: Throwing Butter Knives”

    1. LOL Yes, I’ve seen them in catalogs and whatnot. I usually carry a pocket knife (a real one) or a box cutter with me. Sometimes several: one in my pocket, one in the car, one in my purse…I grew up in a house of all girls with a father who appreciated the handiness of a good knife. Then I went into retail management where EVERYONE carried some sort of knife on them at all times to cut boxes open. To me, knives are just normal to have around. I’ve been carrying them around for a good 25 years. It’s like carrying your house keys or your car keys. At the same time, I also have a healthy respect for them.

      True funny story: when the middle sister in our family got married, she had a Rennaissance themed wedding complete with flowy dresses and corsets. At the last minute, moments before she went down the aisle, she needed to cut a string on her dress. She needed a pair of scissors or a knife. Nobody had them…except her two sisters (her bridesmaids.) My youngest sister and I BOTH had a little pocket knife stashed away in our costumes. LMAO!

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    1. Oh! I would LOVE to do that someday!!! I’ve played darts in pubs in Michigan. 😀 We have brewpubs all over the state. They have a different feel to them than a typical bar, more like a traditional pub, I suppose.

      I like the power and ridiculousness of throwing a butter knife. It’s a BUTTER KNIFE! And yet…I feel pretty bad@$$ throwing one at a target. It’s like you’re going against something, especially as a woman. Women are taught the etiquette of where a butter knife is supposed to go when setting a place at dinner. They aren’t normally taught to stylishly hurl their cutlery across the room. LMAO!!!!


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