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App Review: Advance Pomodoro Timer

I almost never review apps because I don’t really use them, but I thought I might share this one because it seems like something writers, organizers, and fellow “shiny object” followers might enjoy.


I got this app, Advance Pomodoro Timer by Quarzo-techintertia, for my Kindle Fire because I wanted a way to organize my time better. (Right now, it’s free on Amazon. No one asked me to write this review.)

I’m a writer, but I don’t write as consistently as I’d like. I got this app to help me write in sprints. Write for 25 minutes, rest for 5 minutes, repeat. Used in this way, this app is great. There’s a ticking clock option that I like. As long as I can hear the clock ticking softly in the background, there’s no need for me to check whether or not the timer went off. (The ADD side of me loves that!)

I’ve also used this for cleaning and organizing with good results. If you’re a procrastinator like I am, working in bursts tends to make large tasks seem more manageable.

I like that you can set up tasks to reuse over and over. I like that you can check off tasks.

However, if you make a task, it’s on the app forever. If you misspell a task, there’s no way to edit it. I’m a perfectionist. I WANT to be able to edit! (I NEED to be able to edit. AHHH!!!! Sigh.) But the app works. I don’t use it every day, just on days when I’m feeling extra “shiny objects” and can’t seem to stay on task. for those days, this little app is a lifesaver.

Would I recommend this? Sure! (I’m recommending right now!) It’s a straightforward, non-glitchy, easy to use app. But, I’d love it better if I could edit tasks, especially if I could clear them completely off of my device.

Since it’s free at the time of this post, it might be worth trying it out to see if it helps.

xo Juli

6 thoughts on “App Review: Advance Pomodoro Timer”

  1. Always love a good app review! I used to do a weekly app review on my blog a few years ago but no one seemed to really care. Even my family gets annoyed with me .. “Not another app, Mom!” I’ll see if they have something like this on the Play Store that I can check out. Thanks! 🙂

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