Six Sentence Sunday

Seventh Edition of #SixSentenceSunday: Cup-O-Blood

This is the seventh edition of Six Sentence Sunday!  Today's excerpt is from Chapter Twenty-Four of the first book in The Williamson Vampires Series.  This is another "Chloe Chapter." If you remember, Chapter Twenty-Four is also "the lost" chapter.  Last year, my computer ate it twice, and then my hard drive had died on me.  I'm… Continue reading Seventh Edition of #SixSentenceSunday: Cup-O-Blood


#Blogophilia 46.4 Topic: “Any Way The Wind Blows”

Blogophilia 46.4 Topic: "Any Way The Wind Blows" Bonus Points: (Hard, 2pts): use a Machiavelli quote (Easy, 1pt): incorporate 'tabula rasa' ***** “He’s not here!” Maggie said, as she came storming back into the dark paneled library.  Her frizzy red hair looked even wilder than usual.  “I’ve searched this place from top to bottom.  Father is… Continue reading #Blogophilia 46.4 Topic: “Any Way The Wind Blows”