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2018 Free-Write Flash Fiction #1: Scars From Climbing

“I need you to finish these pallets before you leave today,” Sandy said, making a sweeping gesture with her arm toward the maze of stacked boxes. Colleen scanned the hopelessly clogged stockroom. “There’re at least thirty pallets left. How are we supposed to get all of this done with only four people?” Sandy grabbed a… Continue reading 2018 Free-Write Flash Fiction #1: Scars From Climbing

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Carrots and Sticks

This was my first Christmas celebration since I started working for a private retailer versus a HUGE retail chain.  What a difference!  I feel like a person this year instead of a number.  I spent time with my family instead of working crazy extended retail hours.  Work is work, but I don't feel as though… Continue reading Carrots and Sticks