Photos of Hell

More Photos of Hell

These Photos were taken on Monday, October 24, 2011 in Hell, Michigan.  We decided to have lunch at the Hell in a Hand Basket Country Store.  We were going to eat at The Dam Site Inn, but it was closed due to a fire they had on Saturday, October 22, 2011.  This was also the day I started my vacation.  Did I mention my bad vacation luck?  Yeah…I was at a memorial service at the time…but still…WTF!!!

Hell, Michigan
Duckies for sale
Words of advice from Hell in a Hand Basket
This WAS The Dam Site Inn, Hell, Michigan
Dam Site Inn, Hell, Michigan
Will Juli's Vacation Curse Ever End?
The food at the Handbasket was great.  Lots of fun stuff to look at while we waited for our food.  We even got to see the mail being “singed” at the Post Office with a candle, kind of cool to watch!
More photos of Hell to come!
Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “More Photos of Hell”

    1. Hell has its own website. Who knew, right? You can buy duckies from Hell for $3.75 each. Considering how your anniversary weekend went, it might make a great belated anniversary gift! LOL Plus Christmas is right around the corner. He! He! I mean, it’s no 5 ft tall chicken, but who has the space for a 5 ft chicken! Here’s the link to Hell’s online catalog, from the town’s official website:


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