Random Ramblings

Still feeling under the weather.

I'm still sick.  I'm not sure if my laptop is feeling better yet either.  It's temperamental, as is its user.  WordPress, Facebook, and Google+ all changed a bunch of stuff within days of each other.  I'm sorry to say, it took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure out how to post this short stupid blurb.  Technology… Continue reading Still feeling under the weather.

Random Ramblings

My Computer Is Down

My computer is down this morning!  Grr!!!!  I tried to fix it, wanted to throw it, and that's when I gave it to the hubby to look at.  We think it has a bug.  Lucky I saved all my stuff before everything went REALLY wrong. I'm on the hubby's desktop this morning.  Hopefully we'll get… Continue reading My Computer Is Down

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I Found A Stolen Book This Morning

So…I found a “new to me site” yesterday called Wattpad.  I was excited.  One of my favorite authors, Claire Farrell, is on it.  She posted up some of her short stories, etc.  I thought, “This is a GREAT site!”  Writers can post their stories, or a chapter or two from a story they’ve published.  It’s… Continue reading I Found A Stolen Book This Morning