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I’ve Been Tagged Plus Some Random Rambling

 I can’t say it too many times, I HATE trying to figure out “new to me technology.”  Last month was a technological disaster.  I’m still adjusting to my newer laptop, but we are NOT buddies yet.  At least I FINALLY figured out how to schedule posts or I would have been missing for most of the month.  BAH!


My old pal, note there was still PLENTY of room for more sticker souvenirs.


My laptop buddy and I had some good times together.  She wasn’t new, but we haven’t seen an actual NEW computer come into our home in over a decade.  She was pieced together for me as a gift from my hubby.  I kind of like the fact that she was rescue laptop.  Some people rescue puppies and kittens, my hubby rescues dead and dying laptops.  He gets them from different sources.  Quite a few of them have come straight from the scrap yard and were purchased by the pound.  He pieces them together and sells them at a reasonable price to people who couldn’t afford a computer otherwise.  It’s his hobby.


My old buddy must have had a rough life before my hubby pieced her together. The damaged corner was there when we got her.

My “new” computer was a rescue victim as well, but we still haven’t become friends yet.  My hubby keeps reminding me that my old buddy IS a working computer again.  I could always go back to it, but it has a different hard drive.  Same old body, different brain.  It’s not the same machine.  It doesn’t know my settings.  It just makes me unreasonably sad when I log onto it.  *Note to self, do NOT become attached to machines, no matter how adorable you think their quirks are.


Ah well!  That’s life.


Now, for some randomness.  🙂  I read this post on Joleene Naylor’s Ramblings from the Darkness and I’m FINALLY responding to it.  Yay Jo!!!  Fun stuff.

Your last apparel purchase:

I've owned these shoes for less than 2 weeks. I'm hard on work clothes! Yup, "I'm Gellin!"

When I was tagged, I hadn’t purchased ANY new apparel in months, with the exception of pantyhose.  Since then, I bought some new shoes for work.  I seem to own a LOT of clothes, but I tend to stick with classic looking stuff with clean lines when I go out and sweats, t-shirts, and flannels when I’m bumming around the house.  I wear “work clothes” 80% of the time.  They’re not very cute, but they’re functional.

Your last music purchase:
Drivin’ N’ Cryin’: Smoke  I purchased their CD at our town’s library for a buck!  Major win since the title of the band could also be the title of next year’s vacation.  😉  This CD brings me back to my highschool days.  1000 Swings is my favorite song on this album.  It makes me want to dance around the living room.  It also makes the kiddo want to roll his eyes at me, which is always good fun!
Your last DVD purchase:
Hmm…hubby buys most of the DVDs, but I just picked up The Dust Factory and Kitchen Stories.  I haven’t watched either movie yet so I have NO idea if either of them is good or not.  🙂
Your last grocery purchase:
Oatmeal, Faygo Creme Soda, and Better Made Red Hot Potato Chips.
Your last dinner out:
Mexican on my wedding anniversary and Chinese more recently.
Last store/shop you went to:
The hardware store, ACO.  I went there for electrical tape, and bought:

Oatmeal, Faygo Creme Soda, and Better Made Red Hot Potato Chips.  I did remember to get the tape.  LOL
Last movie you watched:
Breaking Dawn, Pt 1.  I sheepishly admit that I liked this one.  I thought it was much better than the other three.  Sit through the credits if you plan on watching this.  There’s a fun scene in the middle of them with vampires behaving badly.
Last TV show you watched:
Once Upon a Time
Last book you read:
The Deed, Lynsay Sands  
*Leave it to Jo to catch me when I’ve been reading a trashy romance!  He! He!  Geeesh!  😉
Last magazine you read:
Hmmm…I don’t read magazines too often these days.  I think it was Popular Science.  Hubby has a subscription.
Last website you visited:
NBC to find out when Grimm was going to be on next.  I’ll have to wait until November 8th to watch the next episode.
Last game you played:
Dominos at my parent’s house.
Last person you talked to:
Besides the hubby?  My step-mom, on the phone.  🙂
Last person you emailed:
Long lost cousin I found online.
Last person you texted:
I hate, hate, HATE texting!!!  Why text when you can call?  It makes NO sense to me.  Did I mention how much I despise learning “new to me” technology?  If someone texts me and I HAVE to answer, I’ll do so reluctantly, but I’ll ALWAYS try calling first.  I would think this is a sure sign that I’m starting to show my age, but my father loves to text and he’s 30 years older than I am.
Last person you called:
Last photo you took:
This morning.  I took pics of snow-covered crab-apples.  😉
If you’re reading this, you’ve been Tagged!  If you do not respond, you may be attacked by unicorns.  I don’t think it’s worth the risk by NOT responding, do you?  🙂
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged Plus Some Random Rambling”

  1. My laptop has winnie the pooh stickers on it. They smell like pumpkins. Or they used to :p My last one had frogs. I hated that laptop though, so I didn’t mind seeing it go. I was sad to loose the frogs, though.

    great tag! the mexican food has made me hungry now….


  2. I still haven’t marked my territory…err…laptop 😉 with stickers, but I put Microsoft Sam back on today. I missed Sam! You were right, he DOES sound like a Vulcan, esp since I haven’t listened to him in a while. I think I made him tired. He sounded tired until I turned up his speed!

    I don’t usually take pics of my dinner, but how could I not with food like that? YUM!!!


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