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Partying it up like it’s 2006.

When our kiddo turned two, we did a Chuck-E-Cheese party.  Yeah.  We spawned late in life so we were those parents.  After all, nothing says life-affirming weekend like being in a closed-in space with a hundred or so screaming, snot-nosed kids.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t dislike ALL kids on principle or anything.  I ADORE my child.  I love my nephews.  I might even be able to name a friend or two whose kids I like a great deal.  But…that’s pretty much it.  I’m not really a “kid-person.”  That doesn’t keep them away from me.  I’m a lot like those people who are allergic to cats, but can’t keep cats away from their house.  Except kids aren’t cats.

Anyways, I think the Chuck-E-Cheese party set the bar fairly high for all the kiddo’s future parties.  Every year, we celebrate the kiddo’s birth by going somewhere loud and obnoxious, and kiddo drags a friend or two to join us.  The friend part is important, because they are there to remind us that we don’t parent the same way that other parents do.  “Huh…my mom never does that!” is a popular phase, along with; “My dad hardly ever lets me do that.”  I’m not sure what we’re doing that’s so different, other than I swear ALL the other parents got an instruction manual at the hospital, and we were probably distracted by the cable television in the room.

*We don’t have cable, or dish, or any of that stuff.  While other children were learning about “Important Things” like…Sponge Bob, our child was learning how to use sarcasm effectively in a sentence.

Random, Proud Momma Moment:

A few years back, Hubby, Kiddo, and I are loaded up in the car, along with one of kiddo’s friends.  We were all going to some play-land  or other.  Friend is SUPER excited.  We drive by the front of the place, and head to the parking area.  Kiddo’s friend asks, “Are we going inside?”  Kiddo says, “Sorry.  We do this all the time.  We like to drive all the way out here just to press our faces against the window and look in.  Maybe we can try going inside…next week.”  Awwww!  That’s when I knew that my baby bird was growing up.  Precious!

Yes.  This is what driving around Michigan, on a Sunday, looks like at noon.  Cheery!
Yes. This is what driving around in Michigan, on a Sunday, looks like at noon.  NOON!!!  Cheery, right?

So this year’s partying adventure was out in Howell, Michigan, at Castaway Play Cafe.  First time Kiddo got to party it up with ALL his first cousins at once.  That sounds like a LOT of cousins, because I just made it sound like there were tons of cousins flying out of everywhere.  Akkkk!!!!!!!!!  See how powerful words can be?  LOL  Yes.  I’m terrible like that.  In reality, there were only three extra little boys, and they were sooooo good.  Even I can handle that!  😉  Kiddo and I played a game of laser tag.  Yup!  I shot my kiddo with a laser gun, but his aim is at least two times better than mine, so now I’m twice as dead.

One of the indoor play structures in Castaway Play Cafe.
One of the indoor play structures in Castaway Play Cafe.

And while I’m thinking about it, I should probably apologize to the people at the table fifteen feet away from us.  If it helps, it’s not entirely my fault, and they have NO idea what a bad Juli I was.  Seriously folks, if you bring your ENTIRE office with you, which includes: a laptop, 2 smart phones, 2 tablets, an index card box, a small forest worth of papers, and a file box…into a kiddy play area, and use ALL of your devices simultaneously, I’m going to create my own dialog about your lives.  I can’t help myself.  I have to do it!  I “might” have a problem and I “might” have drug my lovely family members down the same slippery slope.  Bad behavior is so contagious!  Amazing!

I believe the couple at the other table may have been fixing the ozone layer, plotting a hostile takeover, doing their taxes, or possibly paying their bills online.  It’s really hard to say.  Their faces were mighty grim!  I must have created at least 45 minutes worth of entertainment at their expensive.  Again, bad Juli!!!  Hubby’s family wanted to take pics of these overachievers.  That’s how naughty I was!  By the way, I LOVE my hubby’s family, and NOT just because they tried to sneak a pic.  So bad!  😉

On that note…

Have a great day!


P.S.  Five devices?  Seriously?  Five?  Bad Juli!  Let it go…  😉

4 thoughts on “Partying it up like it’s 2006.”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sounds like a blast – especially the 45 minutes of entertainment afforded by the traveling office 🙂 World domination plan sounds the most likely to me.


    1. I’m terrible about doing this! Leave me in a mall food court, and I can entertain myself for hours with “See that guy over there, yeah…he has the world’s largest button collection. Oh! And that blond woman in the stripped shirt-look at her, but don’t look at her-she actually a Faerie, but teaches aerobics in her spare time. She’s too ‘bouncy’ to be human.” See? Terrible! 🙂


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