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Akkk!!! There’s no frolicking!

I got in a good chunk of writing time, this morning.  Way back, before the holidays, I was editing.  That’s when I noticed I was missing a chapter.  OK, it wasn’t really missing, like it fell on the floor or something.  It hadn’t been written because I didn’t know it was supposed to be there!  It’s a reaction chapter, and it’s been a rough one to write.  It’s probably one of the toughest things I’ve worked on in a while.

I’ve had to get back inside Chloe’s head, and her feelings are still pretty raw regarding the death of her father.  It’s not good place for me to visit, but I had to go there.  In some ways, it should be an easy chapter to write.  I just lost a family member.  But…that’s why it’s NOT easy.  This is one of those chicken and the egg things.  Grr…

Anyways, I’m plugging away at it.  Now that I know it’s supposed to be there, I can’t change my mind about it.  I need to allow Chloe to feel angry, and hurt, and resentful…all those messy emotions that are real, but aren’t fun to write about.

Did I mention this is a vampire story?  Yeah…I must have missed out on Vampires 101, or something.  You know: girl meets vampire, they frolic, then live happily ever after.  YAY!!!  Crap!  I didn’t write any of this, plus there’s NO frolicking!!!!  NONE!  Where’s the frolicking!  Hmmm…

Of course, the day ain’t over yet!!!  LOL

See?  Someone must have done a bit of frolicking through our yard!
See? Someone must have done a bit of frolicking through our yard!

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Akkk!!! There’s no frolicking!”

  1. What!? No frolicking vampires? I bet they don’t sparkle, either! What is wrong with you? Oh, yeah, you’re not an idiot 🙂 LOL


  2. Sometimes stories morph into something completely unexpected…. and that is what was meant to be.

    But there should be angst and frolicking. And a boarding school? {consults vampire fiction rule book}

    Just kidding. I’m sure it will be great. Good luck with it.


        1. But “Lost” has already been written! Wait…No. They were dead, or in purgatory, or living inside Jack’s head, or something… It’s been a while. I know there wasn’t any frolicking… hmm……..
          Never mind! 🙂 LMAO!


    1. OMG! I started to chock on my drink, you made me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!!! Note to self, don’t drink beverages while reading wordpress. Now I’m thinking about Count Chocula!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!!!


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