A Writing Snippet.

A snippet from today’s writing.  I should have this “new” reaction chapter finished soon, then I can go back into editing mode.

This is a “Chloe Chapter.”

I nibbled on a mushy, overcooked noodle.  Why should I be surprised that Aunt Stephanie hadn’t bothered to say goodbye to me?  She probably wasn’t feeling sick at all.  She probably did this on purpose so she wouldn’t have to deal with me.  I hated all of them, the entire Doran family.  Even if it was wrong, it didn’t matter.  I could feel hatred covering up all the other emotions inside of me.  Fear.  Loneliness. Regret.  None of them stood a chance against hate.  Hate made me feel strong, like I was in control again.  I hated everyone.  I hated Aunt Bobbi.  She should have talked to me before she’d suggested I come back for a visit.  I never wanted to see Aunt Stephanie again.  Not ever.

My stomach felt like acid.  I thought I might cry.  I didn’t want to feel like this, to be like this.  I’d struggled with my emotions before, but not to this extent.  I didn’t want to be consumed by negativity, but I didn’t know if I could stop myself.  Maybe Aunt Stephanie was right.  Maybe there was something wrong with me.  It couldn’t be normal to feel the way I did.

Poor Chloe!  She’s having a rough day.  😉



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