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Stupid Perfectionism Strikes Again

I started out the day feeling pretty good about myself.  I had a healthy breakfast, did a load of laundry, a load of dishes, and I got a chicken started in the crock-pot for tonight’s dinner.  I should have hung onto my happy feelings, but feelings and emotions are fickle.  You can’t always trust them to be honest.  Instead of holding onto my happiness, I took a look around…and felt blue about where I am in my life.

My house is still full of clutter, not anywhere NEAR like it was in the past, not like I need an intervention or to be featured on a TV show, but there’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be dealt with.  The good news is we’ve done really well maintaining areas of the house that have already been decluttered.  We can still eat at the table, like people.  I got all the Christmas decorations down by January 6th.  I have three bags of donations to take to the center on Wednesday.  We ARE making progress.  The bad news is, I’ve been working in other areas of the house.  The living room hasn’t gotten much attention recently.  Yes, I needed to put up the additional clothes rack on my side of our closet.  It’s been sitting in its box for YEARS!  That project turned out great!  My wardrobe is spread out so I can SEE everything much better.  I found a ton of stuff to donate during that project.  Less clothes overall, but the clothes I’ve kept fit me.  My wardrobe feels like it got bigger!  This is all fine and well, but you can’t see my closet from the front door!  You can see all the stuff that gets dumped near the front door on the way into the house.  Yeah…

I spent the rest of the morning getting rid of stuff in the living room.  It’s still full of clutter, but I made a dent in it.  There is NO magic wand fix.  I’m still fighting my blue feelings.  It’s the perfectionism in me, rearing its ugly head once more.  Grrr…

Have a great day, and I will try to have a better one!  😉


6 thoughts on “Stupid Perfectionism Strikes Again”

  1. I’d post all the platitudes that you’ve made progress and that’s what matters, yadda yadda, but being an ex perfectionist (who lapses occasionally 😉 ) I know those make zero difference :p So instead I will just say “keep it up!”


  2. Happy belated new year. I see you are off to an awesome start writing regularly. We returned from our trip Monday and I am still exhuasted. Think will take a few weeks to recover. And don’t know when I’ll write again. Just catching up with blogs and mails. My house is cluttered with travel stuff which must be cleaned put away hung up gone through etc including the camera which no doubt has awesome pics – see how tired – used awesome twice. I don’t know when I’l get to it all


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