A Quick Blurb

I had a really good writing morning but I ran short on time to post a snippet.  Once I was out the door and driving into work, I had a better idea on how the scene is supposed to go.  I both love and hate it when that happens!  😉  Anyways, I’ve got a tiny bit of reworking to do on today’s writing but I need to get some sleep soon.

Here’s a different snippet instead.  🙂  

This is a “Bobbi” chapter:


“Don’t you understand?  I have nothing.  I don’t even have enough underwear with me to last a full week, not without doing laundry.  They’re talking about putting me into foster care,” she said, pointing towards the house.  “It’s not like I’m going to get a brand new mommy and daddy out of the deal.  I’ll probably windup in a group home.”

“Jason wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Are you sure?  Because I’m not.”

“You’re not going to a group home.”  I had a sudden vision of Chloe bunking with the girl who’s been sexually abused and the child who likes to cut herself.  And while that may not have been a fair mental picture, I didn’t like it, not at all.


Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “A Quick Blurb”

  1. poor Chloe! Underwear seems to be an issue for my poor characters too! It’s like a literary problem – or maybe it only is if you’re authors are evil? (I think my characters are taking over with that last sentence!)


    1. Yeah…I think you’ve got the evil part right. I’m certainly not Chloe’s best friend. LOL

      I’m not really a “kid person.” Teenagers? Eeeehhh…even more selective. In general, I only like “some” children. So when Chloe thinks I’m being mean to her, she’s probably right. I’ve got plenty of “evil” plans for her future. Poor kid! 😉


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