Saturday Shmaturday

Saturday Shmaturday: Week Ending 2-16-13

So how was your Valentine’s day?  Ours was fun.  Stayed in, had a nice dinner, watched “Fight Club” for the first time… Yup!  Because nothing says romantic evening like watching Edward NortonBrad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter.  He! He!  If you’ve never seen it…it’s a little like “Office Space” meets…well, anything with Helena Bonham Carter in it.  🙂  Good movie.  Lots of storytelling.  And here I thought it was just a story about a bunch of guys fighting!  Ha!  What do I know? Caution Saturday Shmaturday In keeping with my idea of a romantic Valentine’s themed Week, let’s look at some Valentine related links!  Don’t worry.  They aren’t mushy!!!

2013-02-16 08.23.04
Flower from my hubby!
  • Here’s a fun link to a pic by Douglas Keister.  He’s got a great photo of a heart shaped from bones found in the Catacombs of Paris.  Little creepy, but I’d LOVE to know the story behind it.  (I believe his book is coming out this summer, “Stories in Stone Paris.”)  He has some BEAUTIFUL cemetery photos.  Looking forward to his book’s release.
  • And my FAVORITE, have you seen “Why doesn’t he call?” on tumblr?  OK.  It’s not just there, it’s everywhere.  Hilarious!  I’ve seen this as a hash-tag on twitter, on Facebook…  They’re all over the place.  Example:  “I just realized my wallet contains more library cards than credit cards…. why doesn’t he call?”  I could have fun with this one!  Though since I’m happily married, I suppose I could do this:  “I’ve got 6 different boxes of tea sitting on my counter, I often pick up pens with my toes, and I didn’t do laundry last night so I don’t think I have a clean shirt to wear to work this morning… sorry guys, I’m taken!”   😉

And on that note, have a great weekend! Juli 

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