We brought home a new friend…

We brought home a new friend...

Last night, I went to Meijer on the way home from work. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, Meijer is a 24 hour, locally owed chain of stores in Michigan, similar to Walmart in size. But Meijer’s employees are part of a union and they try to keep locally grown produce available when it’s in season. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I like being able to buy local. 😉 If I’m going to shop a “big box store,” this is where I shop.

Anyway, it was 9:30ish at night and I was in the pet department when I passed by the betta fish. One little blue fish was REALLY interested in me. I think he liked my red sweater. And by interested I mean he looked like he wanted to kill me. Cute, huh? He was REALLY active. I liked him so much, I almost brought him home last night. But, I talked myself out of it. Sort of. I told my hubby about him. This morning…we became the proud parents of a fish. Yeah. We’re nuts!

We’ve been thinking about getting a betta for a little while now. My step-mom has kept her betta healthy for YEARS, so I’m using a similar setup: an over-sized vase with a philodendron to help with oxygen. I already had the vase. It holds more than a gallon of water, maybe closer to two gallons. I just needed to put the plant and fish in and get fish food, water conditioner, and whatnot.

I’m happy. Fish seems happy in his new setup. And…since he’s set up in the bathroom, he’ll get lots of attention. There’s a skylight above the tub, so plants do really well in there.

Have a great day! ~Juli

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