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Sunday Gratitude or Tag! You’re It!!!!

I have been fortunate enough to have been nominated for THREE blog awards.  But, because I’m such a deadbeat blogger, I’m hopelessly behind on my thank yous.  I’m like that friend you invite over for dinner who never brings a hostess gift.  Only, if you did invite me over…I probably would bring something like wine, or flowers, or at least a bag of salad.  Who doesn’t appreciate salad.  In a bag!  Oh!  Or one of those bracelets you can buy at the gas station, the ones that look like they’re either supposed to be an air freshener or a lazy attempt at voodoo.  You know, something “fashionable.”  (I have two of these bracelets so I should know!)

So far, I only have the monkey and owl bracelets, but I've had my eye on the elephants. There's always next fill up! And yes, my kiddo has reminded me repeatedly that grown women probably shouldn't wear jewelry purchased at the gas station. *SIGH!*
So far, I only have the monkey and owl bracelets, but I’ve had my eye on the elephants. There’s always next fill up! And yes, my kiddo has reminded me repeatedly that grown women probably shouldn’t wear jewelry purchased at the gas station. *SIGH!*

So the first award was nominated by the talented author/artist Joleene Naylor.  *Waving Hi!*


She’s the author of the Amaranthine Series.  If you like gritty vampire stories where the vamps DON’T sparkle, this is a great series of books to read. There are seven of them out there, another coming out in October, plus a bunch of short stories.

*Right now, the first book, Shades of Grey, is free on Amazon.
*Right now, the first book, “Shades of Grey,” is free on Amazon.

Warning: Lots of violence, colorful language, bones crunching, and hearts squishing.  In other words, these books are NOT written for children.

If you’re NOT into vampires, *gasp* she’s also the author of a great reference book, “How to Get a Cheap Book Cover,” and she has a paper doll blog that’s REALLY cool.

a paper doll dress a day *Click the pics for lots of linky fun!!!

The next award is from Diane at Ladies Who Lunch Book Reviews.  *Waving Hi!*

The Versatile Blogger Award

Her blog’s only been out since August, but she’s already got LOTS of fun posts and book reviews.  Grab a tasty beverage and check out her site!

And the latest award is from Fun Simplicity over at I Care, U Care.  *Waving Hi!*

The Creative Blogger AwardIf you’re looking for an uplifting blog to read, you should linky on over.  Fun Simplicity shares a variety of positive posts.

Now, this is the part where I’m supposed to share something special or ask my fellow bloggers a bunch of random questions, but I’m not very good at following blog award rules.  I know, I know…the Ghost of Blogger’s Past will probably haunt me because I didn’t share my favorite color of toothpaste.  LOL  I suppose you’ll just have to use your imagination!  

Instead, I’m going to ask you to go to your blog, and give a linky shout out to your 3 favorite bloggers, then link yourself back to this post.

That’s it.

Look at it this way, if you’re reading their blog, maybe we’d enjoy reading it too!  Share the love!  Blah, blah, blah…and all that jazz.  Make the post as elaborate or as simple as you want.  Oh!  And grab a badge/award on your way out.  Or not.  That’s up to you.  I’ve got three to choose from just on this post alone.  😉  Or look to the other awards on the right if these awards don’t match your cat or something.  Or make up your own.  In fact, you could have the “I’ve Got The Best Flavored Toothpaste Award,” but you’re going to have to Photoshop it yourself because I’m too lazy to make it for you, just saying.     

Awards!  Awards!  It’s like Halloween at Yonder Hoffman Haus and I’m the gal with the bowl of “Take One” candy on the front porch.  😉

If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

That means you:

Whitney Parchman of OPRF Life

Ana Spoke of  (Ana Spoke just had a book release for her novel, Shizzle, Inc.  I’m half-way through reading it.  HILARIOUS!!!  Definitely worth the download. Congrats!)

Haddon Musings  

Sarah Johansson at Problems With Infinity

Ditrie Marie Bowie of The Totally Serious, Absolutely Professional Blog

If you’re not into blog awards, I’m not judging.  Remember, deadbeat blogger…right here.  Yup!  You could always go to the gas station and buy yourself something nice instead.  You deserve it!  😉    

6 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude or Tag! You’re It!!!!”

  1. Thanks for nominating me Juli! In keeping with the “slacker” theme I will need some time to get a post together. Please don’t misinterpret my being over scheduled with being unappreciative because I double dog appreciate you giving me a shout out. Also, I’m not sure which of those awards I would qualify for? What do you think? xo Whitney

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  2. I have the elephant and the penguins 🙂 I love those!

    What?!?! You’re not sharing your favorite toothpaste??? This made me think of that blue glitter stuff they had in the 80s – it had the sparkle guy advertising it:

    do they make that stuff anymore? it tasted terrible. Man, I can smell it just thinking about it, LOL!

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