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Coffee Klatsch At Yonder Hoffman Haus

We had a series of storms roll through last night, with a red spot hitting us around 4 AM.  I heard the thunder rumbling  just before I fell asleep.  The storms woke the hubby up, but I slept through them.  In fact I woke up feeling far more rested than usual because I slept so deeply.  Well that, and because I didn’t have to set my alarm for 5:30 AM.  LOL  We wake up early at yonder Hoffman Haus, and we wake up earlier when the kiddo’s back in school.

I’m drinking my coffee as I write this.  It’s still drizzling rain, on and off.  Hubby and I are debating on whether or not we’re going to make it to Hearsefest today, out in Hell, Michigan.

Hearsefest 2015Yes, Virginia, Hell is real.  It’s an actual town in Michigan.

hell mi

Hell, MI even has its own wedding chapel so you can tell your friends and family,
Hell, MI even has its own wedding chapel so you can tell your friends and family, “I got married in Hell!”

We like hanging at any and all local festivals, the quirkier the better.  Are you celebrating the local pumpkin harvest?  We’ll be there!  Want to have a parade with exactly 3 classic cars and a bunch of kids on bicycles?  I’ve got my camera ready!  Woo hoo!

If you’re new to my site, you should know I’m kind of a locavore.  I like to support the community and local businesses when I can.  I don’t go around hugging the trees or anything, but I think it’s important to participate in local events, to keep an eye on where your food comes from, to spend your dollars where you live.  For example, I’m not going to buy apples grown in Washington when I live in Michigan and we’re in the middle of the apple harvesting season.  There’s nothing wrong with a Washington apple, but it seems silly to ship apples ALL the way from over there, when Michigan is one of the top ten apple producing states.  Heck!  I’ve got at least a dozen local orchards within 10 miles of my home.  In fact, I’ve got a jug of locally produced apple cider sitting in my fridge.  YUM!

Another thing you should probably know, I love, LOVE, LOVE coffee.  We don’t have the right climate to grow coffee beans here in Michigan, but we do have some amazing locals who roast carefully selected coffee beans on their premises.  I like to try as many varieties of coffee as I can.  I’m like those pretentious wine drinkers who swirl, swish, and sniff…but with coffee.  Today’s blend is from Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market in Livonia, MI.  I bought a bag of their Whole Bean Breakfast Blend on Wednesday.  They roast their beans daily, so their coffee tastes very fresh.  The Breakfast Blend is strong and full-bodied without tasting bitter or acidic.  It a good blend if your looking for a darker roast.

Kiddo’s asking me to make waffle iron hash-browns, so I’ve got to go.

Happy Saturday everyone!  Now, get out there and DO stuff!!!

*Day 10, Writing 101

8 thoughts on “Coffee Klatsch At Yonder Hoffman Haus”

  1. I know there is a Hell, Michigan. 🙂 I am originally from Ann Arbor. One of my husband’s favorite quotes originally occurred when were driving into Michigan from Chicago and I said (with 100% sincerity), “When I am in Michigan I like to listen to classic rock.” He thought it was hilarious. I don’t know why. It’s true!!! Anyway, my heart is having a warm fuzzy knowing you are blogging from the state I love. Also, there is something special about having a sound night’s sleep during a storm. Maybe a metaphor for life? xo Whitney

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL As far as I’m concerned, classic rock is the music of the state!
      “There is something special about having a sound night’s sleep during a storm. Maybe a metaphor for life?” I LIKE that!!!!!! Nice to talk to someone originally from my neck of the country. *Hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

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