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Not Lost…Just Plagued.

I have been falling apart for the last two to three weeks, but I believe I’m FINALLY on the mend!!!  YAY!!!!!  It started out with:

1.  Ugly Rash on the Back of BOTH Hands.

Probable Cause: Bathroom shower cleaner leaked into gloves.

Current Status: 98% Recovered, Still using hydrocortisone cream at night.

I always wear gloves when working with chemicals because I know how sensitive I am, however, it doesn’t do me much good when the cleaning chemicals leak inside my protective gloves and I’ve unwittingly marinaded my hands in Lysol.

Next, I was:

2.  Sick with a Cold for TWO Weeks.

Probable Cause: Stress/Temps Fluctuating from 13°F-55°F.

Current Status: Fully Recovered.

Just a cold…but one of those LINGERING colds that want to set up shop in the sinuses.

Then, I experienced an unexpected:

3.  Twelveish Hours of Severe Abdominal Pain.

Probable Cause: Food Allergies/Food Intolerance

Current Status: Fully Recovered.

I know better than to grab just anything to eat because I’m running late for work!

And yet a couple of days later:

4.  Over Half of My Body Covered in Itchy HIVES.

Probable Cause: Food Allergy??

Current Status: 98% Recovered.

Dye-Free Benadryl became my new best friend.

Sooooo…yeah.  That’s where I’ve been!  Not a true plague…but it’s been pretty bad.  LOL





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