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Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?

Yesterday, I learned there are hibiscus flowers hardy enough to survive the frigid temps of a Michigan winter. Who knew??? They look so tropical.


This plant has died back each winter and returned three summers in a row. Isn’t it gorgeous? I may need to look into planting one in my own yard. I wonder if Mr. Woodchuck would leave it alone?

Does anyone have experience with cold hardy hibiscus flowers? Leave your comments below.

xo Juli

4 thoughts on “Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?”

  1. In my part of California (San Francisco) we have the opposite problem: it doesn’t get cold enough in the winter. If you want your tulip bulbs to bloom a second year, you have to dig them up & store them in the refrigerator. Some people try to grow lilacs by regularly pouring a bucket of ice on their roots in the winter. (There are now a few types that supposedly grow well without winter freezes.) Weeds grow in my yard all winter long!

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  2. I used to have one of those huge Disco Belle Hibiscus here in No. IL. It was a perennial here, so it might be there for you as well, if you are far enough south there in MI. 🙂 I don’t know what their zones are, but the USDA map can tell you what zone you are, and then you can check out what zones the Hibiscus will tolerate. 🙂


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