Random Ramblings

Planting Starter Mums

I found these starter mums at my local Walmart, $1 a plant. Chrysanthemums usually do well for me. Most varieties are perennials, whether the labels says so or not so don't be so quick to rip them out at the end of the season. The foliage dies back in winter and they come back in… Continue reading Planting Starter Mums

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Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?

Yesterday, I learned there are hibiscus flowers hardy enough to survive the frigid temps of a Michigan winter. Who knew??? They look so tropical. This plant has died back each winter and returned three summers in a row. Isn't it gorgeous? I may need to look into planting one in my own yard. I wonder… Continue reading Hibiscus Flowers in Michigan?

Gardening, Random Ramblings

Morning “Mitzvah”

I worked in my friend's garden this morning. (She's a few decades older than me.) The weather was hot and sticky (86ºF) but the conversation was AMAZING! Here are a couple of pics of her front yard: I love talking with friends who are older—or younger—than myself. I think it adds some MUCH needed perspective.… Continue reading Morning “Mitzvah”