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Oh, Those Crazy Algorithms!

I’m not sure what’s going on with my social media algorithms. I reviewed the book Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys and I saw this when I check my email the next day:

Screenshot (78)
Shades of Gray Paint

Do I need to search for Shades of Gray Paint? No, I do not.

Then this morning, I see this Wayfair Ad on my Facebook feed:

Screenshot (83)

Umm…yes, I like vampire stories and kittens, but still…I might be the only person to see these two comforter sets advertised side-by-side.

I wish I’d gotten a screenshot of the gallon-size bottle of sunscreen, also a Facebook Ad. Really, Facebook??? I’m pale, but that’s a little much, even for me! LOL

xo Juli

10 thoughts on “Oh, Those Crazy Algorithms!”

  1. When I was at a conference for my job, they told us we could learn how to get our ads out there for people searching for certain things. You have to have FB closed (and probably cookies disabled) or everything you search for online will be known by the mighty Facebook.

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    1. Between Facebook, Amazon, and Google…”They’re” always watching! Although…they missed the mark. Seriously? I’m a middle-aged woman with a hubby. Neither blood spatters nor kittens say relaxing and romantic boudoir! LOL 😀

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