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Book Review: Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart


Girl Waits With Gun is a work of historical fiction written by Amy Stewart. This novel was published on September 1, 2015. I discovered this book through my local library.

I’ll admit I was attracted to this book because of its fabulous cover! However, I’ve now read this book THREE times, I enjoyed it that much.


This book takes place in 1914, over the course of nearly a year. The Kopp sisters—Constance, Norma, and Fleurette—were living on a farm in rural New Jersey. They were in a precarious place, financially. One summer day, they were riding through town in their horse-drawn buggy when they were hit by an automobile. This event was the catalyst that changed their lives—literally! The owner of the car was none other than Henry Kaufman, a wealthy businessman who owned a silk dying factory. He was also linked with an extortion ring called the Black Hand. When Constance Kopp tried to collect the money to fix her buggy, Henry Kaufman refused to pay. Later, he sent his men to harass the women and threatened to kidnap Fleurette!

Constance Kopp tried to get help from the county prosecutor’s office, but Detective John Courter refused to do anything to stop Kaufman’s threats. Constance refused to be deterred. Sherrif Robert Heath took her claims seriously. He sent deputies to their house and issued GUNS to the ladies. This story would seem unbelievable and hard to imagine…if it wasn’t based on ACTUAL events. Yes, Constance Kopp was a real person!

I would recommend this book to anyone, from middle-schoolers to adults. This would be a FANTASTIC read for a book club. Amy Stewart has resources on her website with plenty of helpful information.

xo Juli

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