Cemeteries, Death

“Killed By The Cars”

I posted about the guided cemetery tour I took last weekend. Here's one of the stories I learned while I toured.  I hope I'm remembering all the details accurately.   It's an interesting tale. According to this monument, John and Electra Peer were "Killed By The Cars" on July 17, 1896.  John's name is on one side,… Continue reading “Killed By The Cars”

Cemeteries, Death

Guided Lantern Tour of My Local Cemetery: I Encountered a “Something.”

*I wrote this after I came home on Saturday night.  I couldn't fall asleep.  I'm glad I wrote this when I did.  I had planned on posting on Sunday morning, but I wanted pics to go with and my Internet connection was running slow.  Too many thunderstorms were rocking through the area.  Technology isn't really… Continue reading Guided Lantern Tour of My Local Cemetery: I Encountered a “Something.”

Random Photos

Random Photos From Last Week’s Storms

I took these pics, last week, in Oakwood Cemetery, in Farmington, Michigan.  We had some wicked storms come through, well over 300,000 people were without power. Interestingly, this cemetery is rumored to be haunted.  I've taken pics here before and never felt a creepy vibe or anything.  It's a small, but pretty, cemetery. Have a great day! Juli