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Happy First Day of Autumn!

I took my camera with me on my afternoon walk. It's been SOOOO hot outside, but the weather was cool today. It's almost as if mother nature took a look at the calendar, and adjusted accordingly. No fall colors, yet, besides LOTS of chrysanthemum sitings! A red maple leaf or two here and there, but… Continue reading Happy First Day of Autumn!

Cemeteries, Death

Guided Lantern Tour of My Local Cemetery: I Encountered a “Something.”

*I wrote this after I came home on Saturday night.  I couldn't fall asleep.  I'm glad I wrote this when I did.  I had planned on posting on Sunday morning, but I wanted pics to go with and my Internet connection was running slow.  Too many thunderstorms were rocking through the area.  Technology isn't really… Continue reading Guided Lantern Tour of My Local Cemetery: I Encountered a “Something.”

Autumn Pics of Michigan, Michigan

Autumn is like Catnip!

WOW!  I finally cleared the memory cards off of both my cameras and backed everything up on my portable hard drive.  I took over 2,000 pictures taken in the past 6-9 months, and hundreds of said pictures were taken since mid September.  Yes.  I am a shutterbug and proud of it. I swear, if I… Continue reading Autumn is like Catnip!