I’m slightly gimpy once again!

I took a nasty spill at work on Saturday.  One of the guys started to build a little cabinet, but didn’t have enough time to finish it.  No big deal.  I figured I tackle it later.  Well…later never came, so I went to move the cabinet out of my way, only to discover that it… Continue reading I’m slightly gimpy once again!


Gimpy Longstocking gets a Sunshine Award

My thumb and wrist are still mending.  They're not 100%, but NOTHING on me is these days.  😉  Computer time is still limited, though I have been fudging that rule on occasion.  What rules don't I fudged?  Sometimes, being forced to slow down, isn't such a terrible thing.  OK...so no coffee for over a week, due to… Continue reading Gimpy Longstocking gets a Sunshine Award