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Cracker Lunch

I had a good writing morning, 889 new words, although I did fall down the rabbit hole while "researching" strange lunch combinations, usually served on saltine crackers. While I was writing, I remembered all the cracker lunches I ate as a very young child: peanut butter on crackers, tuna on crackers, canned meat on crackers, margarine… Continue reading Cracker Lunch

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Seventy-Nine Days

I've been away from WordPress for a while. Seventy-nine days, to be precise.  Over the years, I've struggled on and off with my pet demons: Depression, Procrastination, Fear, and Perfectionism.  They're nothing new to me.  They are the enemies I've known so long, we should probably get matching coffee cups. *Like this one from The… Continue reading Seventy-Nine Days

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Life updates: 20 year class reunion

I made it!  Twenty years ago, I graduated from high school.  It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long.  Hubby and I graduated the same year, though we were NOT high school sweethearts.  In my heart and mind, I'm still twenty-five.  The calendar tells a different story.  😉 Need to get some rest.  I'm… Continue reading Life updates: 20 year class reunion