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Housefire: An Unconventional Way to Meet Your Neighbor

This afternoon, my neighbor's home caught fire. No one was hurt. Everyone is okay. We live less than 20 feet away from this neighbor, so when my hubby came home from work and saw the firetrucks, he reacted quickly. We didn't know the names of the folks living there. We did know the couple have… Continue reading Housefire: An Unconventional Way to Meet Your Neighbor

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Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.

When I was a little girl, I was told "just be yourself," as if this were a magic wand fix for all of life's troubles. You don't have any friends? Just be yourself! You're a weird, awkward kid? Just be yourself! You dress funny and the kids push you to the ground at recess? Just… Continue reading Don’t be yourself. No really, don’t.

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Namaste Supergirl!

This morning I did yoga with Adriene Mishler, the voice of several characters in the DC Universe Online including Lois Lane, Supergirl, Powergirl, and Raven. I should probably clarify that Ms. Mishler was on a YouTube video on my tablet and I was in my pajamas in my living room, but how cool is it that we live… Continue reading Namaste Supergirl!