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First Rule of Planning Goals: We Don’t Talk About Our Goals #Productivity #Goals

We’re on the cusp of a new year with all of its shiny promises of hope, fulfillment, and fresh opportunities. As a blogger, it seems logical to announce our plans for the future, to tell our readers our goals in order to stay accountable. That’s what I do. That’s what everyone else does, right? We… Continue reading First Rule of Planning Goals: We Don’t Talk About Our Goals #Productivity #Goals

Baby Steps, Random Ramblings

The Fraud Police

Still sick. Yes, Still. I swear, it's like the plague, the cold that won't go away. I'm better than I was, but I just want to stop sniffling and coughing. It's also possible that cold season and allergy season have united and turned against me. It wouldn't be the first time! So yes, each day… Continue reading The Fraud Police

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What’s Your Story’s Worth??

I was folding laundry while I watched TedTalks on Netflix this morning.  I've learned if I want to be productive with the TV on, I can watch TedTalks or an episode of Hoarders.  If I watch TedTalks, I learn something new.  If I watch Hoarders, I want to throw out everything in my home.  Both shows… Continue reading What’s Your Story’s Worth??