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A Door For The Dead, Does Anyone Know What This Is?

Does anyone know why these graves have a door?  I can’t seem to find information on them anywhere.  Why are they there?  What’s the point?  Are they there to help add new additions or perhaps they’re there in case someone made a mistake?  I just can’t figure it out.

Graves with a hatch


A closer look at door number 1.


Here's door number 2.


Any theories, both real or imagined, would be appreciated.  🙂



19 thoughts on “A Door For The Dead, Does Anyone Know What This Is?”

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before!! I hope someone comes up with an answer!
    (of course, my fictional account would be that the door is for the vampires who must roam around at night) But, that’s just me. Vampire addict.
    Sharon 🙂


  2. He! He! The thought of vampires crossed my mind too Sharon. They’re small graves. I’m not sure if you can see this from the photos. The dates and lettering were worn off the headstones, but judging by the other headstones, they’re turn of the century, late 1800s or early 1900s maybe, either Victorian or Edwardian. There are a lot of civil war era headstones in this part of the cemetery, though I’d almost suspect that they were graves for children because of their size. I’ve seen slabs of marble on gravesites and I’ve seen plenty of sarcophaguses, but I’ve never seen ones done up all in metal, and NEVER with a door. At least one one of the doors did open. I didn’t check them both. I didn’t expect it to open up. It freaked me out that it did. I was only trying to get a better look and clear away some of the dead pine needles. The door opened to sand underneath, less creepy than the alternative I suppose. 😉
    PS. Only the center portion opened, not the entire thing.


  3. I have absolutely no idea! These are so weird!

    Maybe since only the center part opened it was for some kind of viewing? Heh- I’d have totally tried to open them, too. Though I don’t know what you could vie unless they had glass coffins under them… I tried to do a google search but it was useless. I’m really interested to know what you find out!


    1. Jo, I tried every site I could think of and found nothing. That’s why I thought it might be fun to post them. They’re pretty cool. I keep trying to come up with new theories. Maybe there was a blacksmith in the family who wanted to do something artistic. Maybe the occupantants died in some tragic way. I’ll keep everyone posted if I get an answer. 🙂


  4. These are actually turn of the century lawn crypts. Which is essentially the vault top is above ground. the reason these look so fancy if you will is because these two people were people of importance or of great wealth. it is not actually a door but the pattern on it is just a fancy design indicating their importance. The material they are made of may also give you an idea of the importance as well.. most of today;s modern lawn crypts are made of granite or concrete..but using metals was seen as worthy or again important in some manner. the reason I know this is. I am an embalmer. I research death all the time and consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject.. these two are very rare you do not see many like this.. this photo is amazing!


    1. Actually Tony, the center part on the one DID open. I didn’t try them both. I also wondered if these people were of some importance, but the names and dates are no longer readable. I’ve had a lot of people guessing that they might have been viewing windows at one point, but if that’s the case, the one I examined has since been filled with sand, because that’s all I could see. Regardless, I’m told it’s rare to find something like this here in Michigan.


  5. Perhaps one of those preventive measures to ensure the person had died, ie: a tube that led to the coffin, checking if the ‘deceased’ makes noise/screams. Then perhaps the tunnel is filled after they are sure the person really is deceased.


  6. That’s odd that one was still open.. those are suppose to be welded shut after the funeral.. hmm very curious. usually the door was meant for placing mementos and keepsakes in there but then after the funeral welded shut.


    1. I think that’s what’s the most disturbing/confusing about this Tony. I thought it was all one piece, and that the center was just for decoration, until I found out it that center part opened up. If I knew who the occupants were, I might be able to get more information. I had someone else guess that the detailing might have some sort of nautical connection, since Michigan is surrounded by the great lakes.


  7. Maybe it’s like the string attached to the bell. The family would be able too view the body, to make sure they were pronounced dead by mistake?


  8. I believe the coffin below would have had a glass ‘window’ and this was probably access to view it. They are incredibly rare and would more usually be found in Mediterranean countries i.e. Italy and Spain.


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