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Wedding Scrapbook-A Gift I Made With My Two Front Feet

I am multi-talented when it comes to putting off tasks that need to get done.  When I’m not writing or working, crafting is a terrific waste of my time.  I’m especially found of crafts that can be preformed in a day with a pair of scissors and a whole bunch of glue.  One of my friends from work is getting married in August.  I was very excited to be able to use this as an excuse to use my crafting for the good of womankind.  (In general, scrapbooks are more of a chick thing than a guy thing.) Here are some pictures of what can be accomplished when I put my mind to it.

Front cover of wedding scrapbook. It's nice and puffy.


Inside of scrapbook.


Detail from front of scrapbook. The bride's colors are red and white.
Lace edge of scrapbook
A final look at the wedding scrapbook's front cover


I made sure the bride got her scrapbook last week so she could have a place to stick the odds and ends and photos from her wedding shower too.  Congrats to the bride and groom with wishes of a beautiful marriage.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Scrapbook-A Gift I Made With My Two Front Feet”

    1. Thanks Connie! The best part about it was trying to get everything stuck to the right places with glue all over my hands while my seven year old asks, “Mom, are you SURE you know what you’re doing?” I looked right at him and said, “I sure hope so.” LOL


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